This two-day training course is designed for professionals who are working in the area of mobile application development and for those who would like to know the required mobile-specific activities, roles, methods, and methodologies specific to their role.

The Mobile Application Testing training course provides delegates an insight into methods, techniques, activities, methods, roles, methodologies, and tools a professional may use to test mobile applications.

This course is for professionals who have achieved in-depth testing experience in traditional methods and would like to acquire specific competence for testing mobile applications and for professionals who are planning to start implementing mobile projects or are working within companies that plan to do so.


Course outline

  1. Mobile World - Business and Technology Drivers

    Mobile Analytics Data
    Business Models for Mobile Apps
    Mobile Device Types
    Types of Mobile Applications
    Mobile Application Architecture
    Test Strategy for Mobile Applications
    Challenges of Mobile Application Testing
    Risks in Mobile Application Testing
  2. Mobile Application Test Types

    Testing for Compatibility with Device Hardware
    Testing for App Interactions with Device Software
    Testing for Various Connectivity Methods
  3. Common Test Types and Test Process for Mobile Applications

    Common Test Types Applicable for Mobile Applications
    Additional Test Levels Applicable for Mobile Applications
    Experience-based Testing Techniques
    Mobile Test Process and Approaches
  4. Mobile Application Platforms, Tools and Environment

    Development Platforms for Mobile Applications
    Common Development Platform Tools
    Emulators & Simulators
    Setting up a Test Lab
  5. Automating the Test Execution

    Automation Approaches
    Automation Methods
    Automation Tools Evaluation
    Approaches for setting up an Automation Test Lab

Key takeaways

  • Understand and review business and technology drivers for mobile apps in order to create a test strategy.
  • Identify and understand the key challenges, risks and expectations associated with testing a mobile application.
  • Apply test types and levels specific to mobile applications.
  • Apply common test types, in the mobile-specific context.
  • Carry out the activities required specifically for mobile application testing as part of the main activities described in the ISTQB® test process.
  • Identify and use suitable environments and appropriate tools for mobile application testing.
  • Understand the methods and tools used specifically to support mobile application test automation.

Topics covered

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