Training for one of the most universal performance testing tool Apache JMeter 4.

Training deals with the creation of a clean project to functional and performance test.

Practically oriented workshop with the most popular open source performance testing tool Apache JMeter 4. Training covers JMeter performance test design techniques on live application performed in form of a workshop. During the course we will cover operations as invoking REST calls, test setup and teardown actions, scripting in Beanshell language, data randomization, and test data visualization. By the end of this training, you will be able to analyze performance test approach, design and implement test and evaluate its results.


Course outline

  1. JMeter Foundations

    Overview of JMeter
    Popular JMeter Functions
  2. Introduction into Performance Tests

    Load and Performance testing
    Test Automation Strategy
  3. Test Automation Principles

    Implementing API Automation Suite
    Handling of REST and SOAP API
    Handling of Dynamic Responses
  4. Adoption of JMeter (Hands-on Exercises)

    Implementation of Performance Tests
    Execution, Analysis, and Reporting
  5. Summary

    Lessons Learned in Test Automation using JMeter

Key takeaways

  • Enhance Test Automation Skills.
  • Design and develop Performance tests against a live application using JMeter.
  • Understand the mechanics of how JMeter internally works.
  • Understand the utilization of Beanshell scripting as one of the JMeter strengths.
  • Get hands-on experience with real-time test results visualization and monitoring.
  • Adopt time and cost-saving tips and tricks on how to utilize JMeter.

Topics covered