Performance testing cannot be effectively conducted without collecting and visualizing performance metrics from the system under test.

In this practically oriented course the attendees will deal with designing basic performance test, selection of proper performance metrics for system and underlying infrastructure and usage of tools for metrics storage, monitoring and visualization.

The attendees will get best practices in monitoring stack deployment, integration and usage.


Course outline

  1. Issues and Solutions for Verifying Software Performance Goals and Objectives

  2. Lessons learned in Performance Testing and Performance Test Monitoring


Key takeaways

  • Understand the performance testing process: planning, preparation, execution, and reporting.
  • Define and select appropriate measurements.
  • Understand the most common performance metrics for system and underlying infrastructure.
  • Get hands-on experience on how to effectively collect metrics without causing the probe effect.
  • Get knowledge about modern trends in metrics storage – INFLUXDB stack + Grafana
  • Avoid the most common mistakes in data visualization (median/average, percentile, axes ranges)
  • Get best practices in monitoring stack deployment.
  • Get knowledge about metrics collected also from logs.
  • Adopt time and cost-saving tips and tricks on how to use and monitor performance metrics.

Topics covered

Petr Neugebauer

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