This hands-on course provides anyone involved in software testing a chance to broaden their knowledge of performance testing.

This course provides an introduction to the complexities of software performance testing and delivers testing skills that participants can immediately apply back on the job. The focus is on what a tester needs to know in order to be successful.

The course addresses the more common pitfalls and mistakes that lead to the potential failure of the performance test.


Course outline

  1. Basic Concepts

    Principles of Performance Testing
    Types of Performance Testing
    Testing Types in Performance Testing
    The Concept of Load Generation
    Common Performance Efficiency Failure Modes and Their Causes
  2. Performance Measurement Fundamentals

    Typical Metrics Collected in Performance Testing
    Aggregating Results from Performance Testing
    Key Sources of Performance Metrics
    Typical Results of a Performance Test
  3. Performance Testing in the Software Lifecycle

    Principal Performance Testing Activities
    Categories of Performance Risks for Different Architectures
    Performance Risks Across the Software Development Lifecycle
    Performance Testing Activities
  4. Performance Testing Tasks

    Analysis, Design, and Implementation
    Analyzing Results and Reporting
  5. Tools

    Tool Support
    Tool Suitability

Key takeaways

  • Understand the basic concepts of performance efficiency and performance testing
  • Understand the performance testing process: planning, preparation, execution, and reporting
  • Define performance risks, goals, and requirements to meet stakeholder needs and expectations
  • Understand performance metrics and how to collect them
  • Develop a performance test plan for achieving stated goals and requirements
  • Conceptually design, implement and execute basic performance tests
  • Analyze the results of a performance test and state implications to various stakeholders
  • Explain the process, rationale, results, and implications of performance testing to various stakeholders
  • Understand categories and uses for performance tools and criteria for their selection
  • Determine how performance testing activities align with the software lifecycle

Topics covered

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