YES4Q offers individually tailored training options to suit your needs. Tailor the subjects covered, allowing you to mix and match content to get the course you want.

Each organization faces context-specific challenges and opportunities in the changing field of software development and IT generally. Contrary to regular courses, tailor-made training programs are specifically designed to address the unique objectives and capacities of the requesting organization.

We work with you to understand the situation your business is facing, using data-driven insights to get to the heart of the issues and identify the skill or performance gaps that need to be addressed to allow your business to reach its potential.

We will then tailor a solution with you that works within the context of your business, taking into account the skills your team has today, the skills they need to be successful tomorrow and the operational and cultural environment of your organization.


C-MODUL company, founded in 2000, is developing and supplying automation and safety control systems in rail transportations markets. The company became one of the key suppliers of complex ITS project for Turkish city of Izmir. Project started in 2014.

The client engaged YES4Q to support the project though requirement clarification, development, quality assurance and continuous maintenance.

The objective was to develop and deliver Traffic Management System as a part of Intelligent Transportation System to fulfill tender requirements. For higher security on the roads and in the city, not only a camera system and red light transit detection have been installed but also devices for speed measurement or the measurement of maximal allowed speed.


The pilot phase of the project, including verification of the functionality of individual systems took place in the first half of 2015. The client joined the project in the second half of 2015 when issues raised up.

  1. Requirements not available in written form. In addition, many internal expectations not aligned with tender requirements.
  2. A need to achieve a significant increase in the rate of detection and recognition of vehicles.
  3. Client not familiar with conceptual system verification and validation.
  4. A need to decrease the Technological debt, especially standardize code base for smart devices and their connectivity, and enable maintainability and extensibility of the whole solution.

The city was altogether implemented with 3000 smart devices and the whole system generates a big quantity of statistical data, which is used for the better functioning of the city and cost saving.

  1. A need to confirm that system would be able to absorb peak traffic loads.
  2. A need for a common approach to testing, which needed to fit in with their existing development methodology.


Firstly, YES4Q in close cooperation with the client revised available basis in order to define MVP to fulfil tender requirements. YES4Q was fully responsible for collecting needs and specification functional requirements as well as non-functional requirements which has not been taken into the account before.

We then validated the architecture and general infrastructure and recommended changes to the system architecture to minimize risk related to performance problems.

In parallel, we have defined the top business values of the solution to start with test design. The key success factors identified: reliability, robustness, security, workload capacity, maintainability and interoperability.

Over a period of six months YES4Q developed a framework for functional test automation that allows full regression, integration, system and acceptance testing. Highly skilled performance engineer from YES4Q implemented a suite of tools for evaluating performance qualities. Engineers collaborated with the client and provided useful suggestions for improvement and consistently added value to the team.

Firemní benefity

  • Completion the project on time.
  • Introduction of requirement engineering. testable requirements available in the early phases of the project.
  • Delivery of a well-featured, robust, flexible and extensible product with industry high standard with known quality. Improved quality, reliability, workload capacity and stability of the core application.
  • Improved project delivery process, increasing efficiency, time to market and client satisfaction.
  • Maintain high traceability between tests and business requirements.
  • Building a full automated testing framework for validation of new contributions and verification performance requirements. This makes significant savings on the time taken to deploy new version of the system into production.

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